As of July 2007, the world's population is an estimated 6,602,224,175. Each of these 6-billion-plus individuals walk away with different interpretations of every event and minute that passes. Within 6 billion different lives - we still find ways to bond, communicate, empathize, and find common ground.

Music is merely one medium of communication, yet you can find it in every single corner of the earth. Itis as old as history dares to recall, and it is the one thing we likely have in common.To make an example of some of the many different interpretations people experience, the duo known as modwheelmood, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Pelle Hillstrom (Abandoned Pools, Forever Like Red), and The 857 Collective's Celeste Tabora recruited their friends and colleagues to remix their Enemies & Immigrants EP. Modwheelmood have set out to give back to humankind en mass not just with the gift of song, but a little more proactively. All the proceeds of this remix album are set to go to Los Angeles based charity, Create Now, whose mission is to change troubled children's lives through creative arts mentoring, resources and opportunities. In addition, with conservation and the environment in mind - the always forward-thinking modwheelmood has opted to go digital-only with this release, omitting the need for materials such as compact discs, paper, and jewel cases - while giving the listener a more immediate one-click experience in obtaining these remixes.

things will change
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